Selection Process

Students are usually enrolled in class VI and some in VII and XI.

Class VI

To ensure that students can be groomed into this new environment, they are selected straight from their primary schools. Education at the Carter Academy begins where most primary schools have left off, the sixth grade. The students are approximately 11 to 12 years of age which is the ideal age to indoctrinate them into a new, entirely English curriculum.

Class VII

Some students are enrolled to fill up a few vacancies created by students leaving during prior year.

Class XI

Some students are also enrolled to fill up a few vacancies created by students leaving during prior year.

During the selection process, there are many factors taken into consideration. Initial assessment considers students school board examination results. If their scores meet our criteria, we then administer a series of tests which consist of written skills and oral expression, physical fitness, confidence and determination, co-curricular activities, and so on.

In order to fairly and correctly evaluate students during this intensive selection process, a committee comprised of the Principal, Curriculum Advisor and three other board members are engaged. The committee members score each student along the given criteria and a cumulative average is obtained. This average is used to determine the successful candidate. At the present time, the aforementioned is the optimum system for the TCA admissions process, but it will be continuously improved as we see fit.

Our intention is to enroll only the best candidates available in the families spread throughout this region and from various economic spectrum. The policy of the Carter Academy is to admit only one student per immediate and/or extended family. By incorporating such a practice, we will be able to spread this tremendous opportunity to various cross-sections of the region as well as strata of the society. We look forward to these young men becoming future leaders in their fields. Upon graduation from TCA, we anticipate their joining the best colleges and universities throughout the world. Our goal, and the main impetus behind our philosophy, is to see their individual success permeate to their families and their localities. By selecting candidates from diverse locales, a wider area encompassing all communities, the region will benefit and development and progress will be achieved.