Donations and Gifts

Tuition, Room & Board

We recognize that choosing an independent school, especially a boarding school, is a major decision for families.

Some scholarship may be awarded to a few selected meritorious students. However, funding for such scholarship(s) will entirely depend upon availability of funds from donors. It is worth mentioning that in the past the Mazeda-Anowar Foundation (MAF) provided some funds for some selected meritorious students.

MAF was formed to honor the parents of the founder, Mr. Ghulam Suhrawardi, whose ancestry stems from this particular village.

Donations & Gifts

Your support for the Carter Academy and its educational initiative is an extraordinary contribution to the enrichment of education in Bangladesh. Businesses, foundations, and individuals are all welcome to make monetary donations through check, wire transfer, securities, or real estate.

Payments initiated within Bangladesh can be processed:

• Directly to TCA
• Though Majeda-Anowar Foundation (MAF)
Through National Development Initiative (NDI)

Payments initiated outside of Bangladesh can be processed:

Through National Development Initiative (NDI)

To learn more about contributing to the welfare of the Carter Academy, please contact:

• The Carter Academy (TCA) at +880-173-231-1022
• Majeda-Anowar Foundation (MAF) at +880-2-935-9516
• National Development Initiative (NDI) at +880-2-935-9516


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