Academic Principles & Curriculum

A students’ education usually begins in class six and continues for seven years. Sometimes, to fill in vacancies students are admitted in class seven and class eleven. Each class generally has an average of 25 students. Academic subjects that are taught at TCA, include: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Bengali, English, Economics, Civics, History, Religious studies, Arts and Crafts, and Geography. Throughout the course of their education, students are rigorously prepared for three very important exams – the Junior Secondary Certificate (JSC) in eighth grade, Secondary School Certificate (SSC) in tenth grade, and the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) in the twelfth grade. Successful completion of the HSC is necessary for graduation from TCA.

The Carter Academy seeks students who combine academic ability, intellectual curiosity, and determination coupled with decency and good character. We strive to instill the principles of honesty, tolerance, compassion, and responsibility to each individual. In addition, the daily interactions of a residential school also nurture integrity, empathy, and kindness – social skills that are necessary in this world today. TCA seeks to graduate young people whose creativity and independence of thought sustain their inquisitive and reflective minds; whose interest in others and the world around them surpasses their self-concern; and whose passion for learning motivates them to move beyond what they already know. The transcendence of these ideals will influence the progression of the community and the enrichment of Bangladesh.

Teachers and staff play an integral role in the learning process. At TCA, we have carefully selected the most professional staff available who provide a holistic, well-rounded education and outlook. As mentors, the instructors and teachers of the Carter Academy provide guidance and discipline to the student body. As an academy that fosters leadership, instructors and teachers continuously examine the educational and personal goals of each student in relation to special interests, strengths, and weaknesses.

TCA is partnering with Creative Learning organization, a USA based educational organization. Under their school-2-school program they have selected TCA to be their partner in Bangladesh. Through S2S, students will engage in virtual exchange empowering them to learn about each other, improve educational opportunities in each other’s community and thereby enrich their own lives.