The Carter Academy tops Matlab of Chandpur in JSC result 2014


 The Carter Academy (TCA ) since its journey from 2007 has been able to ensure quality education. In last JSC exam total 31 students took part and all have received Grade A. 26 students got A +, 3 students 4.94 and 2 students 4.89 resulting in 100% success. TCA is located in a remote village of Matlab North under Candpur district. This is a residential school and college with all the modern facilities. It follows the national curriculum in English version. This academy has exchange program with some schools in the United States. As part of the program students of both the countries exchange and share their learning and experiences through internet. Teachers from the USA come and stay in TCA with the similar learning objectives. TCA is contributing to nurturing future leaders with a pool of dedicated teachers.

Here are some new clips: