Perspectives From Bangladesh

This post was written by Tanvir Ahmed, one of the students from The Carter Academy who Sam Schindler taught during his time in Bangladesh. This is the original version of the post.


TCA Student: Tanvir Ahammed Siddique, Class IX

Man is the best creation of Allah. Every man is equal in his eyes. But Allah give some extra knowledge to some person. Mr. Sam is one of them. We first saw him in video and after some days he came to us. But there is a great difference between video and reality. After seeing him in video we thought that he is a hard and heavy minded man. We have no knowledge about foreigner. For this reason we thought like that. But when he come to our school in Bangladesh. We talk face to face with him and within a few days there create a good friend relation among all the students of The Carter Academy.

His teaching method is so good. If a dull person become his student after seeing his teaching method he will become a good student. He came to us on 25th June and we have enjoyed a very good time with him. He took three classes with Class-9. We discuss about different subjects. Among them the most prominent is that who will win the FIFA World Cup of 2014.Someone say Brazil and someone say Argentina but Mr. Sam do not buy Argentina win the cup. Now we are also consent with him. He played cricket with our teachers at afternoon. We all student enjoyed the match very much. We learn a lot of things from him. We knew from him about the culture of his country, his family and his school also. We learn some idioms such as : Do not let me down; I need to buy some times etc. We also learn conversational phrases from him. Which are new for us. But we felt interested to learn about these because of his American teaching quality and method. We are lucky for meeting with a good teacher like Mr. Sam Schindler. We learn how to speak good English and correct pronunciation of many English words from him. Now we feel so improvement of speaking English which was really necessary for the students of The Carter Academy and also for myself.

Everyone has to go for his destination. So he leave us on 5th July. I feel so sad that I have loss my words to express about it. His writing are now in our paper and his face is now in our mind. When he remembers in our mind we see the writing of him in our paper. We cannot forget him like water under the bridge .He is always in the heart of all T.C.A members. We like him very much .He is a great teacher to all of us.