A visit to the Cardozo Education Campus in Washington DC, USA

On May 11, 2015 our founder Ghulam M. Suhrawardi visited the International Academy at the Cardozo Education Campus, High school in Washington, D.C. Cardozo Education Campus, formerly Cardozo Senior High School and Central High School, is a combined middle and high school at 13th and Clifton Street in northwest Washington, D.C., United States, in the Columbia Heights neighborhood. The meeting was coordinated by Creative Learning, a non-profit organization in Washington DC.

In 2012, Creative Learning sent Sam Schindler, a teacher from Lancaster Country Day School, Pennsylvania to spend 2 weeks in The Carter Academy, Bangladesh to exchange ideas and religious beliefs of two very diverse nationalities; the United States and Bangladesh. This year they selected an environmental science teacher Chris Obermeyer from the International Academy at Cardozo to volunteer 2 weeks in July.

As part of an initiative led by Creative Learning, students at The Carter Academy teamed up with their city counterparts at Cardozo for a cross cultural exchange. It’s called “School2School” and refers to the students as “American Unofficial Ambassadors” Which is why Mr. Suhrawardi visited this inner city high school classroom listening to 24-year-old teacher Chris Obermeyer instruct his students in their pen pal exercise.

“I want you to think of good questions about the culture in Bangladesh,” he intones. “And not clothes and food.” (Two teenage obsessions in any language.)

“Sports!”, Suhrawardi calls out. “They love cricket!”

“Religion,“ one student pipes up. Obermeyer writes the topics with a red marker on a white board. Movies. Music.

“School 2 School” has benefited thousands of students and their teachers since 2005 in countries ranging from Afghanistan and Bangladesh to Indonesia and the United States in an effort to learn more about the Muslim world.

Obermeyer is now raising funds to provide educational materials and computer equipment for The Carter Academy and will spend several weeks teaching there this summer in Bangladesh.

And no doubt learning all about sticky wickets.


Left to right – Paul H. Kruchoski, US State Department, Bill Kuvant, Creative Learning, two Cardozo students (one from India and the other from Mexico), Ghulam Suhrawardi, one student (from Ethiopia), Chris Obermeyer, Stephanie Mansfield, Creative Learning, Benjamin Orbach, AUAjamin Orbach, AUA


Chris Obermeyer guiding the students how to write and what to write to the TCA students in Bangladesh



Chris Obermeyer having a question and answer dialogue with the students



A students reading letter from a TCA counterpart



Chris overlooking Cardozo students writing their replies to the TCA students